Designing Experiences through Outcomes.


Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020


12:00 pm




“When we, as businesses and individuals, made ONLY physical products, setting project goals wasn’t that hard. A good running shoes, for example, was DONE when a runner could successful run a marathon with it, an 100mt sprint race, and so on.

  • But in today’s software-driven world, the “done” is less clear.
  • When is Amazon done? When is Google done? Or Facebook? Or MS Office?
  • In reality, services powered by digital systems are never done.
  • So what we should expect from our business as goal?
  • We often work around a list of features.

But building features is not exactly how we can measure the impact of our effort, but working against OUTCOMES to achieve instead will create focus and alignment, and a set of clear metrics to measure our impact. It also eliminates needless work. While the concept of outcome per se it’s relatively simple to grasp, in practice require a major shift in organization and it takes quite an effort.

Within this speech I will like to share what’s an outcome is, why it’s important withing the experience you’re providing in your product and how this effort impacts your financial success.”

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