What are the problems we are facing when making our customers look like superstars? And how are we solving them?


Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020


5:15 pm





To all challenges we are met with, there is more than one side of the coin. One part is to challenge what the customers are asking for, and the other is to create a solution that suits our customers the best way. But these two cannot live without one another. By using a tool like Power BI we can tailor a solution that can start as a simple data visualization, and in time, evolve in complexity. In my talk I will touch upon the consultancy part and how we solve these using Power BI. To demystify the geeky part of Power BI, I will run through how to create metrics that serve our purpose. When we have our metrics covered, how do structure the data so that we can combine them, and use the data regardless of source or platform.

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